Popeyes Is Launching Its First-Ever Dessert Biscuit

Popeyes, the fast-food chain renowned for its savory, buttery biscuits, has taken a delightful turn into the world of sweets with the launch of its first-ever dessert biscuit. Here’s a closer look at this exciting new offering:

Popeyes Introduces Strawberry Biscuits

The star of this new launch is the Strawberry Biscuit. It creatively reinvents Popeyes’ iconic biscuit by infusing it with a sweet strawberry twist. The result is a unique blend of the original’s buttery, flaky goodness, now elevated with a delicious strawberry dessert flavor​​.

Key Ingredients and Flavors

Buttery Flakiness: Popeyes promises that each bite of the Dessert Biscuit maintains the same buttery flakiness that has made their original biscuits a fan favorite.

Decadent Fillings: The Dessert Biscuit isn’t just about the strawberry flavor. It introduces a variety of decadent fillings, such as velvety chocolate ganache, luscious fruit compote, and a rich caramel swirl, catering to a range of palates​​.

Pricing and Availability

A La Carte Pricing: The Strawberry Biscuits start at $1.79 each, although prices may vary by location.

Pack Options: Customers can also purchase these biscuits in packs—two for $2.99 or four for $5.39​​​​.

A First in the U.S.

This launch marks the first time Popeyes is offering a dessert version of their biscuits in the United States. It’s a significant step, especially considering that other biscuit-making fast food chains like Hardee’s, Bojangles, and Church’s have dabbled in dessert biscuits in the past​​.

What Makes It Special?

The allure of the Dessert Biscuit lies in its perfect blend of a light, buttery base with the novel addition of a sweet glaze. This combination promises a new, indulgent experience for dessert lovers and Popeyes fans alike​​.

In Summary

Popeyes’ foray into dessert biscuits with their Strawberry Biscuit is a fresh and exciting addition to their menu. Blending the familiar comfort of their classic biscuits with new, sweet flavors and fillings, it’s a treat that’s likely to attract both long-time fans and new customers.

With its limited availability, it’s an opportunity for biscuit enthusiasts to experience a new twist on a beloved classic.

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