Pepsi Just Brought Back Its Iconic Spring Beverage

Pepsi has reintroduced its Peeps-flavored soda, reinvigorating the beverage market this spring with a unique collaboration. This release comes just weeks after PepsiCo introduced an upgraded version of Pepsi Zero Sugar and a new lemon-lime flavored soda, Starry.

The Peeps-flavored soda, officially titled “Pepsi X Peeps,” combines the classic taste of Pepsi cola with the sweet flavor of Peeps Marshmallow, a popular treat especially around Easter. This fusion of flavors offers consumers a distinctive, refreshing experience.

The journey of Pepsi X Peeps began back in 2021. Initially, it was an exclusive offering, with only 3,000 consumers getting access through a social media sweepstakes titled #HangingWithMyPEEPS. This initial release created a significant buzz, as some cans were even resold for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market due to their rarity.

This year, to make the experience even more engaging, Pepsi and Peeps are hosting a virtual egg hunt on Snapchat. Participants can scan their Pepsi X Peeps cans or bottles using a co-branded augmented reality (AR) Snapchat lens to unlock various prizes, including exclusive merchandise and a spring trip for two.

This interactive marketing approach not only enhances consumer engagement but also leverages modern technology to create a unique brand experience.

The reintroduction of Pepsi X Peeps marks an exciting moment for both brands. As expressed by Pepsi’s Director of Brand Marketing, Katelyn Meola, this collaboration between two iconic brands has been celebrated by loyal fanbases, offering “unapologetic enjoyment” to both Pepsi and Peeps enthusiasts.

The availability of the beverage has also expanded, with 7.5-ounce mini-can multipacks and 20-ounce bottles now accessible to a wider audience across the country, making it easier for fans to indulge in this unique seasonal treat​.

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