Trader Joe’s Released 2 New Exciting Ice Cream Flavors

Trader Joe’s, known for its unique and flavorful grocery offerings, has once again captivated the taste buds of ice cream enthusiasts with the release of two new exciting flavors: S’Mores Ice Cream and Golden Caramel Swirl Ice Cream.

S’Mores Ice Cream

This delightful treat was announced on June 12 in the “Inside Trader Joe’s” podcast. Priced at $3.79 per pint, the S’Mores Ice Cream is a blend of graham cracker-flavored ice cream with marshmallow and chocolatey swirls. Unlike many other s’mores-flavored ice creams that incorporate chunks of graham cracker or chocolate, this blend maintains a smooth consistency.

Matt Sloan, Trader Joe’s vice president of marketing, describes it not as a deconstructed s’more but rather a mixed-up ice cream that captures the essence of s’mores flavors. The decision to avoid graham cracker chunks was based on taste tests where they found the chunks became soggy and lost their flavor​​​​.

The fan reception for this flavor has been generally positive, with a notable appreciation for its smooth, chunk-free consistency. However, some have mentioned that the flavor might not immediately remind one of s’mores but does have a distinct marshmallowy taste.

A review pointed out that while the ice cream’s graham cracker flavor could be more pronounced, its creamy texture and the combination of chocolate and marshmallow offer a pleasantly sweet experience​.

Golden Caramel Swirl Ice Cream

The second new entry, Golden Caramel Swirl Ice Cream, also priced at $3.79 per pint, has been labeled as “super-premium” due to its high-fat content and low amount of air (overrun). This flavor combines vanilla and chocolate ice creams with swirls of salted caramel throughout. It’s a revamped version of a previous flavor, now presented with new packaging.

The luxurious and smooth texture of this ice cream, along with its balanced flavor profile, has earned it high praise. It’s described as having a silky mouthfeel, with the caramel blending seamlessly into the ice cream, creating a nostalgic and not overly sweet flavor experience​.

Customers have lauded the Golden Caramel Swirl for its creamy texture and delicious taste, comparing it favorably to other popular ice cream brands. Some comments suggest that while the ice cream is enjoyable, a more pronounced salted caramel flavor would enhance it further.

In conclusion, these new ice cream flavors from Trader Joe’s appear to be a hit among consumers, offering unique tastes and textures that stand out in the frozen aisle. The S’Mores Ice Cream provides a sweet, marshmallow-infused experience, while the Golden Caramel Swirl delights with its creamy, nostalgic flavor.

At $3.79 per pint, these ice creams offer a premium experience at an affordable price, continuing Trader Joe’s tradition of offering distinctive and high-quality products.

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