LSU women’s basketball coach rips team as Angel Reese and Hailey Van Lith not spared

In a recent turn of events within LSU women’s basketball, head coach Kim Mulkey made a decisive move by benching Angel Reese during the second half of their game against Kent State, despite the team’s eventual 109-79 victory.

This decision followed Reese’s lackluster start to the new season. Mulkey remained cryptic about her reasons for the benching, offering only a terse “Coach’s decision” when questioned by reporters​​.

This action comes amidst some turmoil in the LSU program. After a surprising loss to Colorado, Mulkey expressed disappointment and surprise at the performance of some individual players, including Reese and Hailey Van Lith.

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She criticized their lack of toughness, fight, and leadership, qualities she expected from her returning stars.

Mulkey highlighted the team’s need for physical play and determination, something she felt was lacking in their performance against Colorado​​.

Despite these challenges, the team found a bright spot in star freshman Mikaylah Williams, who scored a remarkable 42 points in the same game.

Mulkey praised Williams’ special talent and scoring abilities, acknowledging her significant contribution to the team. Williams, reflecting on her performance, credited her success to the extensive practice and efforts she had put in​​.

It’s clear that Coach Mulkey is taking a firm stance on performance and expectations within her team, emphasizing the need for consistent energy and leadership, especially from her experienced players like Reese and Van Lith.

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