12 Rejuvenating Shag Haircuts for Women Over 60

Entering your 60s doesn’t mean you have to settle for dull or traditional hairstyles. In fact, it’s the perfect time to embrace a fresh and rejuvenating look, starting with a shag haircut. Shag haircuts have made a stylish comeback, offering versatility, texture, and a youthful edge.

Here, we’ll explore 12 rejuvenating shag haircuts that are perfect for women over 60, helping you reclaim your confidence and celebrate the beauty of your age.

Classic Shag with Bangs

The classic shag with bangs is a timeless choice that adds a touch of playfulness to your look. The layered cut provides volume and movement, while the bangs frame your face elegantly, drawing attention to your features.

Short and Sassy Shag

For a low-maintenance yet chic option, consider a short and sassy shag. This haircut is perfect for busy women who want to maintain a stylish appearance without spending hours on styling. The layers add texture and volume, creating a youthful vibe.

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Long Layered Shag

If you prefer longer hair, opt for a long layered shag. This style combines the sophistication of longer locks with the edginess of shaggy layers, resulting in a modern and age-appropriate look.

Textured Pixie Shag

A textured pixie shag is a bold and daring choice that exudes confidence. This cut features short, textured layers that give your hair a tousled and effortless appearance. It’s a fantastic option for those who want a modern and edgy look.

Curly Shag

Embrace your natural curls with a curly shag haircut. The layers in this style enhance the natural texture of your curls, creating a voluminous and dynamic look. It’s a fabulous choice for women who want to showcase their curly hair with style.

Modern Bob Shag

Update the classic bob with a modern shag twist. This haircut features choppy layers and added texture, giving your bob a contemporary and rejuvenating feel. It’s a versatile option that works well for various occasions.

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Messy Shag

For a carefree and relaxed style, opt for a messy shag. This haircut embraces the beauty of imperfection, with tousled layers that add a casual and youthful flair to your appearance.

Feathered Shag

The feathered shag is a softer take on the classic shag haircut. The layers are delicately feathered to create a subtle and elegant look that complements the natural flow of your hair.

Asymmetrical Shag

Add a touch of modern asymmetry to your shag haircut for a unique and eye-catching style. This edgy option offers a contemporary twist to the traditional shag, providing a rejuvenating and fashion-forward look.

Shaggy Bob with Highlights

Enhance the dimension of your shag haircut with highlights. Whether you choose subtle tones or bold colors, highlights add depth and vibrancy to your hair, making the shaggy bob even more captivating.

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Silver Shag

Embrace the beauty of silver hair with a silver shag haircut. This trendy style celebrates the natural aging process, allowing you to showcase your silver locks in a chic and sophisticated manner.

Layered Shag with Fringe

Combine layers and a fringe for a statement-making shag haircut. The fringe adds a touch of mystery and sophistication, while the layers create movement and texture, resulting in a rejuvenating and stylish appearance.


Rejuvenate your look and embrace your age with one of these fabulous shag haircuts for women over 60. Whether you prefer a classic style or a modern twist, shag haircuts offer versatility and flair that can boost your confidence and highlight your unique beauty.

Consult with your hairstylist to find the perfect shag haircut that suits your personality and lifestyle, and get ready to turn heads with your stylish and rejuvenated appearance.

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