11 Best Pets To Own For Frequent Travelers

Frequent travelers often face the dilemma of wanting a pet but also needing an animal that can either travel easily or stay content at home during their absences.

While pets require commitment and care, certain types of animals are more suited to the lifestyle of someone who travels often. Here’s a look at 11 of the best pets for frequent travelers, considering factors like independence, ease of care, and adaptability.

1. Fish

Why They’re Great: Fish are low-maintenance pets that don’t require daily interaction or outdoor walks. An automatic feeder can take care of their feeding schedule.

Considerations: Ensure someone can check on them periodically, especially for tank maintenance and to monitor their health.

2. Cats

Why They’re Great: Cats are known for their independence. They don’t require as much attention as dogs and can usually handle being alone for a couple of days, provided they have enough food and water.

Considerations: Cats still need companionship and stimulation, so it’s not advisable to leave them alone frequently or for extended periods.

3. Hamsters

Why They’re Great: Hamsters are small, low-maintenance, and don’t require daily interaction. They sleep during the day and are active at night, making them suitable for travelers.

Considerations: They do require regular cage cleaning and fresh food and water every few days.

4. Turtles

Why They’re Great: Turtles generally require minimal care. They need feeding every few days and their tanks require cleaning only occasionally.

Considerations: Turtles do have specific habitat needs, like the right temperature and lighting, which should be maintained.

5. Snakes

Why They’re Great: Snakes are one of the most low-maintenance pets. They require feeding only once a week or less and minimal social interaction.

Considerations: Snakes need a well-maintained environment and can live for many years, requiring a long-term commitment.

6. Tarantulas

Why They’re Great: These arachnids are ideal for travelers due to their very low maintenance needs. They eat infrequently and don’t require social interaction.

Considerations: Tarantulas aren’t the cuddly type and are better suited for those comfortable with a more exotic pet.

7. Guinea Pigs

Why They’re Great: While they enjoy social interaction, guinea pigs can be left alone for short periods if they have enough food and water.

Considerations: They require a larger cage and daily cleanup to maintain their living environment.

8. Rats

Why They’re Great: Rats are intelligent and can be left alone for a day or two with enough food and water. They are also relatively easy to care for.

Considerations: They need a sizeable cage for exercise and enrichment toys to keep them entertained.

9. Hermit Crabs

Why They’re Great: Hermit crabs are low-maintenance and can be left alone for short periods. They don’t need daily feeding or walking.

Considerations: Their habitat needs to be kept at the right humidity and temperature.

10. Birds

Why They’re Great: Certain birds, like canaries or finches, are relatively independent and can be left alone as long as their basic needs are met.

Considerations: Birds require social interaction and mental stimulation, so this should be considered if you’re frequently away.

11. Geckos

Why They’re Great: Geckos are solitary creatures that require minimal space and are relatively easy to care for.

Considerations: They have specific habitat requirements like heat and light and need live food.

Choosing the Right Pet

  • Lifestyle Fit: Make sure the pet you choose fits your travel lifestyle. Consider how often you travel and for how long.
  • Pet Care Plan: Have a plan for your pet’s care while you’re away, whether it’s a pet sitter, a friend, or a professional boarding service.
  • Long-Term Commitment: Remember that all pets require a commitment to their well-being and health, regardless of how low-maintenance they are.


For frequent travelers, choosing the right pet involves balancing the need for a companion with the ability to provide proper care.

While these 11 pets are more suited for those who travel often, it’s crucial to consider individual needs and long-term commitments. With the right planning and care, even frequent travelers can enjoy the rewarding experience of pet ownership.

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