11 Best New Items Coming to Dollar Tree This Winter

With the cost of consumer goods on the rise, many people are turning to discount retailers like Dollar Tree for everyday items such as cleaning supplies, basic kitchen staples, seasonal decor, health and beauty products, books, games and even simple electronics. And now, with the fall season well underway, shoppers everywhere are starting to look ahead for their winter supplies.

Before winter officially hits, here are some of the top new items coming to Dollar Tree that might be worth checking out, according to shoppers and retail experts.

Winter Decor

The winter holidays are nearly here, and with that comes new holiday and seasonal decorations to Dollar Tree’s shelves.

“Dollar Tree in winter is a goldmine,” said Nathan Jacobs, senior researcher for The Money Mongers. “Their holiday decor? A steal. You’re snagging glittery ornaments and DIY wreath kits that’ll make your place look [like] a million bucks. It’s all about getting into the festive spirit without your wallet taking the hit.”

Eric Sornoso, CEO of Mealfan, agreed that this discount retailer is a great place to pick up seasonal or other themed decorations.

“Dollar Tree offers a variety of winter-themed decorations, such as ornaments, wreaths and garlands,” he said. “The great thing about these items is that they allow customers to spruce up their homes for the holidays without spending a fortune.”


Dollar Tree also tends to expand their selection of lights in the winter months, making it a great place to stock up if you’re on a budget and want to brighten up your home.

“Winter brings an assortment of LED candles and string lights, creating a cozy ambiance in homes and businesses,” said Jessica Wilson, co-founder of Inyouths. “These items are ideal for us as they align with the demand for decorative lighting during the holiday season.”

Seasonal Beverages

Other popular Dollar Tree items to look for this winter are seasonal drinks.

“Nothing beats sipping on a warm drink during chilly winter nights. Dollar Tree’s beverage aisle gets a winter makeover with an array of hot cocoa mixes, teas and other warm drink options,” said Vivek Attri, owner of Silent News. “It’s an affordable luxury. These warm beverage options provide comfort and warmth, making those cold nights a tad bit cozier.”

Seasonal Food Items

You might be surprised at Dollar Tree’s selection of basic foods, but the retailer cranks it up during the winter months.

“Winter is all about comfort food,” said Joe Manktelow-Pimm, fashion expert and owner of 7Gents. “Dollar Tree stocks up on snacks and treats like hot chocolate, seasonal cookies and other goodies. They’re great because you can satisfy your winter cravings for just a dollar, and they often have brand-name stuff.”

Holiday Kitchenware

While you might be able to find basic kitchen supplies and gadgets during the rest of the year, Dollar Tree often adds holiday-themed items to its shelves in the winter. According to Sornoso, this includes “cookie cutters, cake pans and kitchen gadgets.”

Gift-Wrapping Supplies

If you celebrate any of the winter holidays, including birthdays, chances are high that you’ll have some good luck shopping at Dollar Tree for your gift-wrapping supplies and accessories. The retailer often increases its selection of these goods around this time of year.

“As the gift-giving season approaches, Dollar Tree becomes a hotspot for wrapping papers, gift bags, ribbons and tags,” Attri said.

These supplies are often themed around the winter holidays as well.

Sornoso added, “Wrapping paper, ribbons and bows are usually abundant at Dollar Tree during winter. The great deal is that these supplies are affordable and come in various styles to suit different gifting occasions.”

Skincare Products

In winter, many Dollar Trees stock their shelves with winter-related items such as lip balms and gloves.

“With winter comes the need for extra skincare and protection,” Attri said. “Dollar Tree often introduces a line of moisturizers, lip balms and hand creams tailored for the harsher winter conditions.”

Some of these items are on par with more expensive brands, at a fraction of the price.

Apparel and Accessories

For a place where nearly everything is $1.25, you might not expect to find much in the way of clothes. However, many Dollar Trees start selling accessories and apparel for shoppers who need them in winter.

“In the hair systems industry, winter often sees Dollar Tree offering stylish winter accessories like hats, scarves and hair accessories,” said Adam Garfield, marketing director of Hairbro.

These items are great ways to stay warm while keeping costs low.

Crafting Supplies

Along with gift-wrapping supplies, you’re bound to see more seasonal crafting supplies at Dollar Tree in the winter as well. This includes things like stickers, colored paper, glitter and more. Not only are these goods affordable, but they’re a great way to do some DIY winter projects while staying warm.

Health Products

Winter often brings seasonal allergies, so it’s a good thing that Dollar Tree tends to keep their shelves stocked with over-the-counter medicines and supplies during the colder months.

“With cold and flu season in full swing, Dollar Tree offers health and wellness items like cold medicine, tissues and vitamins,” Manktelow-Pimm said. “These are fantastic because you can stock up on essentials without paying the premium you’d find at other stores.”

Seasonal Tableware

Last but not least, Dollar Trees everywhere tend to switch out their selection of tableware and accessories designed for the winter months. Shoppers can find seasonal items such as snowman mugs, snowflake tablecloths and festive candles while staying on budget.

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